The Central Lab LUMS

The Central Lab at LUMS aspires to be a national center for advanced characterization and analytical techniques. It aims at becoming the go-to place for high-end characterization and analysis for academia and industry within the country. The Lab provides the possibility of consultation and expert analysis from world-class research faculty specializing in chemistry, materials science and spectroscopy at The Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering LUMS. The Central Lab is an ideal melting point of modern scientific tools and ideas.

The Central Lab at LUMS can provide advanced analytical solutions of the following aspects of provided samples:

  • Crystal Structure
  • Molecular structure
  • The Micro and Nanoscale
  • Physical Properties
  • Surface Porosity and Roughness
  • Trace Element Analysis

Central Lab Facilities

Detailed information about the research facilities housed within The Central Lab are provided in the brochure. To download the brochure, please CLICK HERE!